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Aiming is thin crenellate turret in to the blue sky of the Alpes de Haute Provence, the Castle overlooks the beautiful Ubaye valley for over a hundred years and delights the imagination of the youngs and old alike! With its 3 new adjacent residences, it welcomes families, couples and groups of mountain, nature or outdoor sports lovers.

A large living space for all ages opens onto a large terrace overlooking the Valley:

  • Breakfasts.
  • Board games, computers in self-service.
  • Tea or snack with friends.

 Reception opening hours:

  • Saturday : 9-12 h and 16-20h
  • Any other day : 9-11h and 16-18h30

The Magnans and the Fourtoul, renowed familly of the Ubaye valley.

The name « Magnans » means « glutton » in provencal language, related to the voracity of the silkworms. Louis Fourtoul, the boss of the last silk factory, built this castle inspired by fanciful medieval style on the site of the former silk farm.

Louis Fourtoul established his silk factory in 1836. He will be the last weaver in Jausiers. In 1863, he moved to Guadanjara in the era of emigration to Mexico. He becomes a merchant in silk items and opens « Las Fabricas de Francia ». Back in the country, he built the Magnans castle inspired in a fanciful medieval style with the franco-swiss architect Ramelli and the glassmaker of Grenoble, Louis Balmet.

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