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The Abbaye de Sainte Croix has rediscovered one of its earliest vocations, welcoming its guests in a unique, authentic and refined setting. Please do not hesitate to contact us or directly book on line.


Legend has it that the history of the Abbaye de Sainte Croix goes back to around the 9th century. Saint Hilary, the Archbishop of Arles, is said to have brought back a fragment of the cross of Christ from Palestine, which served as the inspiration for the building of the Roman chapel.


During the 17th century, a gentleman from the court of Louis XIV, the Norman lord Nicolas de Montgallet, significantly developped the Abbey. He spent all of his fortune on improving and embellishing it. The Abbey is occupied until the middle of the 18th century. Little by Little it is deserted by man and left crumbling into stone.

In 1969, Bossard family fell in love with the Abbey and decided to restore it to its former fame and beauty. The site was progressively restored in order to return each architectural element to its former glory:

  • the magnificent Roman chapel, with its four bays, choir and gallery overlooking a Renaissance-style porch, as well as the courtyard, sealed by an imposing portal in dark wood;
  • the large, vaulted dining room with its monumental fireplace;
  • the ambulatory, with five semi-circular bays; 
  • the small cells in the basement, which are also vaulted, open onto the terrace, dotted full of trees, with views stretching down to the sea in clear weather.

Nowadays, the Abbaye de Sainte Croix is no longer a place of worship or a spiritual retreat, but has rediscovered one of its earliest vocations, that of welcoming its guests to a unique, authentic and refined setting.

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