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The scenery

The Abbaye de Sainte Croix is spread across 20 hectares of pine groves and garrigue, landscapes characteristic of the South of France.

Environnement Paysager

This protected natural setting gives the Abbaye a singular cachet, steeping it in the scents of Provence. With nature all around you, the pines, rosemary and orchids, in an array of colours from purple to yellow: experience Provence in full bloom.

In the heart of the property, you will find French-style gardens with a symmetrical layout; a sequence of spaces that visitors can explore along a set route. These invite you to sit back and relax alone with a book or to simply enjoy the songs of the cicadas. 

The restaurant terrace offers panoramic views of Salon de Provence and the neighbouring Camargue. Admire the nature around you as you bathe in the location’s unparalleled calm.

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