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As you drive towards the Castle along the alley bordered by centenary trees, this french architecture jewel rich of several style will remind of the past...


Construction of the fifteenth century, the Château Golf des Sept Tours use to be a fiefdom of the Château la Vallière, the current castle's neighboring village... Take the time to admire its majestic and beautiful proportions, and its many towers, as many as histories of its owners. 

Push the heavy studded door enhanced with a gothic stone ornament and you are strike by the smell of wood mixed to incense, a familiar and comforting scent... You will feel like at home and at the same time carried in an other time. Incredible and magical, you are in a real castle, like in your dreams; all your being is shivering thinking of this place's profoundness, the countless moments lived here by its owners, later by travelers and visitors... 

Continue to write the history of this castle and come live a new experience as "Castle owner"...

Like at home, we welcome you from noon to midnight, and from midnight to noon!

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