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Activities in nature

Endlessly diverse, the Languedoc-Roussillon encompasses a network of more than 7 000 kilometres of nature trails, horse tracks and marked hiking routes through a varied landscape: garrigue and forest, plateaux and plains, mountains and canyons.

Leisure activities for all

Nature and sports enthusiasts will be delighted with the myriad of activities available: hiking, horse riding, mountain biking, climbing, speleological excursions, canyoning, canoeing, rafting, river fishing, forest walks, mushroom and chestnut gathering, sailing and let’s not forget golfing…

Further afield

Breathe in the fresh air... Have you already visited the Colombières gorges or the 100 waterfalls at the Gorges d’Héric ? Get off the beaten track! Mountain bikes are at your disposal.

For hikers, themed walking routes are available that combine both historical highlights and monument visits. The Via Domitia, one of the oldest known Roman roads, is still incredibly well preserved today.

Crossing the Hérault plains and exploring 289 kilometres of walking tracks, either on foot or mountain bike, is another option.

Must-see attractions

Don’t forget to visit the numerous picturesque villages and sites in the area: Olargues, St Gervais-sur-Mare, Fraïsse-sur-Agout and the Orb valley, along with Roquebrun, a medieval village known as “Little Nice” for its microclimate.

This site is covered with orange, lemon and mandarin trees and boasts an extraordinary garden with over 400 species of exotic plants: prickly pear cactus, strawberry trees, ziziphus, Japanese medlar trees…

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