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The convent of Hérépian is a traditional and warm structure with a rich and eventful history.


Discover the history of a residence full of charm and individuality, carefully renovated respecting a plentiful legacy and environment.

If the stones could talk

Le Couvent d’Hérépian was completed in the 1640s to house the nuns of the Church of Saint Martial, an offshoot of the Abbaye de Villemagne l’Argentière.

Built during a period of great prosperity, the building is a reference for early 17th-century architecture.

Numerous original elements persist today, like the grand vaulted ceilings and natural stone details predominating throughout

A serene 17th Century setting

Built during a period of great prosperity, Le Couvent is today a reference in 17th century architecture.

DG Hotels has preserved all of the original architectural elements including the vaulted ceilings and sculpted stone mouldings, to create a charming and cosy atmosphere.

On the street-side, Le Couvent’s façade is superbly decorated with mullioned windows.

Spread across 3 levels and accessed via majestic staircases, the thirteen unique suites offer a harmonious blend of 17th century architectural charm and modern day comforts.

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