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Body care menu

The treatment room at Le Couvent proposes numerous treatments for individuals or couples based on natural regional products as well as a tea infusion room.

Revitalise yourself

In a tranquilising setting, expert hands will pamper you with an exclusive range of body care and bouquets of themed rituals for the senses. Our cosmetics consist of homemade massage balms, lotions and organic essential oils containing the flavours of the garrigue: locally harvested aromatic Mediterranean herbs, plants and fruits.

The perfumes of the garrigue

Some of the natural ingredients for our spa products are cultivated on-site in the gardens of Le Couvent. It is even possible to blend your own massage oils, creating fresh essential oils for bespoke organic therapies. Hotes de Franceconsider it essential that you know with precision what products are applied on your skin – just as you are attentive to what food you are served.

“For each body care treatment we use the oils, balsams and scents of the Mediterranean, adapting them to your desires and needs.”

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The massage and their benefits: body care

Mediterranean relaxing massage: (30, 45, 60, 75, 90 min)
Enjoy a pleasurable and effective full body massage which combines the alleviating properties of natural plants (olive-tree, rosemary, lavender, etc.) to a technique, which provides a wellbeing feeling. The Mediterranean massage allows to reaffirm the silhouette, refine the curves, improve the blood circulation while removing the toxins.  

Hot stones massages (75, 90 min)
This massage technique involves heating basalt stones with hot water and then arranging them on the neck, shoulders and back. The warm stones are used on the oiled body for a muscular, energizing and detox result. Your tensions are relieved, your body is purified: experience the balance between body and spirit. 

Foot reflexology with essential oils (30, 45, 60 min)
Specifically focused on manipulating the arches of your feet to stimulate lymphatic drainage, the traditional technique will accelerate the expulsion of toxins from your body to counter food and stress excesses.

Kansu Bowl Massage with Warm Oils (30, 45 min)
Native from Gujarat, in the northern India, this message technique using a bowl made of a five metals alloy (copper, bronze, tin, silver and zinc) has positive effects on the body. It allows to reduce stress, anger and irritability. It also improves the sleep quality and activate the vital energy.  

Kansu Bowl Reflexology (30, 45min)
The reflexology is also  called “ feet message”, it seeks to activate the body auto-cure process with a long pressure applied with fingertips on the feet’s trigger points. Slowly relax with this foot arch modeling that uses aromatic oils. The small bowl turns and the world around stops.  

From Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, subject to availability.

We recommend you arrive ten minutes before your appointment to relax in the solarium. We recommend you wear a robe and sandals for your visit - you will find these in your suite. Please remove your jewellery and personal belongings before your treatment.

24 hours notice must be given to cancel your treatment or change the time.

Prices :
30 min : 50 €
45 min : 75 €
60 min : 90 €
75 min : 120 €
90 min : 135 €
120 min : 170 €

The pool is reserved for guests over the age of 16 years. We welcome both Couvent's and external guests.

Our treatments are for relaxation and wellbeing, they are not medical or therapeutic. The length of your treatment is indicative.

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