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As in every DG Hotels destination, life at Les Jardins de Saint Benoît evolves around the notions of sharing a sense of passion and pleasure. A journey back to one’s roots…

Celebrate Languedoc life

In this Cathar stronghold, some of the most influential events of medieval Europe took place. Close to the medieval city of Carcassonne, return to human values. Share the rhythm of the Languedoc-Roussillon, taking time to discover its most precious treasure: the Corbières.

A gift from the past to the future generations. A forgotten land, that having overcome a period of agricultural hardship, now reveals its wonderful identity. Sharing only its best.

Like a family residence

With their small typical houses, squares, shaded fountains and restored walled medieval vegetable gardens, Les Jardins blend naturally within the Languedoc landscape. Hosting high-end amenities (restaurant, spa with Jacuzzi and herbal steam baths, conference centre and Kids Club...), the estate is both a paradise for the youngest ones and a world of sensorial discovery for all. Every essential amenity is close at hand.

Reconnect with nature in a privileged setting. Discover the true South of France and its art de vivre: long siestas, Mediterranean BBQs, rosé and eggplant-caviar aperitifs. Themed herbal massage rituals with essential oils and lotions at the heart of the Corbières vineyards*. Listen to the stories told by the village elders. Play pétanque with the locals, savour refreshments in the shade of an olive tree... enjoy a convivial world.

For sport enthusiasts mountain biking and walking tours are among the things to do. Les Jardins’ idyllic surroundings also provide limitless opportunities for relaxation: meditation and yoga sessions in the riverbed offer a sense of serenity and wellness.

A host of pleasures to let you discover the gentle art of living and wonderful traditions of the Languedoc region. You will feel at home here.

« In the true South of France, blend with native Languedoc people. Here, the precious art de vivre of the Languedoc-Roussillon wholeheartedly becomes yours. »

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