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The Languedoc region is a region of rich history, where the skies are blue, landscapes heart-stirring, and nature unspoilt. Les Jardins nestle at the heart of it all.

Saint Laurent de la Cabrerisse

Live life in the slow lane

Long ago, between Cathars castles and abbeys, in the heart of the Corbières close to the medieval city of Carcassonne, families settled and cultivated the land. With time emerged the village of Saint Laurent de la Cabrerisse. Today Hotes de Franceis adding a Vineyard Resort & Spa of outstanding style and quality inspired by local architecture and village life and respectful of its environment.

Inspired by the traditional architecture of the Languedoc, cobbled streets, vineyards, Natural River, olive grove and medieval gardens…Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Corbières region, Les Jardins de Saint Benoît conceal a number of charming town and “vigneronne” homes with private pools.

Your family summer holidays with a kid’s club focused on discovery tours of nature, a well-being & spa short break or vineyard getaway have all been designed for you to feel at home…

A perfect integration

Les Jardins de Saint Benoît are the natural extension of Saint Laurent de la Cabrerisse, an authentic village located at the heart of a pristine terroir.

A bridge across the river, a path that winds through vineyards, nothing separates the resort from its natural environment.

Read your newspaper in the village café, shop for fresh produce in the local grocery store, finally, during summer take a walk in the main aisles of St. Benoît to meet with producers and local artisans who come to the Resort to offer their products every Monday…

Les Jardins de Saint Benoît is like a time machine. Goats grazing in the garrigue, the love for the elaborate work carried out in the vineyard... Les Jardins ooze respect for nature, reflecting a new step in sustainable tourism. »

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