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Quality Commitments at Les Jardins

Spas de France

The Spas de France network is the first network of independent spas in France, united by a unique concept incorporating client reception, quality, innovation and professionalism!

As signatories to a quality charter, spas in this network offer their clients the benefits of truly professional well-being and beauty services.

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Quality South of France and Quality Tourism:

In Languedoc-Roussillon Hotels & Residences with "Quality South of France" and "Quality Tourism" labels are proved to offer the best quality services and local products.

In both Hotels and Residence, you will appreciate the warm welcome, the careful maintenance of the premises, the local values and products.

These certifications guarantee the success of your stay in Languedoc: discovery and tasting the local cuisine and local products in a refined and quality environment.

For an unforgettable stay in the Languedoc area, go for “Sud de France quality” certified.

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