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Wine tourism

Participate in the traditions that surround the wine and taste the local vintage including: Corbières appellation.

The Corbières vineyard

Les Jardins de Saint Benoît are located at the heart of the Corbières region, a land of authentic wines, still preserved, which opens its doors to unique landscapes and still unknown.

The Languedoc wines are voluptuous with a long finish. They go perfectly with the local cuisine.

Come and meet our passionate producers, among other enthusiasts and enjoy the Corbières wines, strong and aromatic, with hints of garrigue.

Throughout the year, the estate offers tastings of the best wines from the south of France

To share our passion with the Languedoc vineyards and wines, an innovative program is organized: it offers a unique opportunity to participate in century-old traditions of wine: harvesting, pressing, blending, and of course, tasting the best wines from Southern France.

A team is at your service to help you enjoy your stay throughout activities such as wine tours and wine & olive oils tastings. The perfect opportunity to discover flavors, vintage and a unique terroir...

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