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Body care

The Spa offers numerous cosmetic treatments for individuals or couples based on natural regional products as well as a tea infusion room.

At the heart of the garrigue

Exclusively organic, the ingredients of the Spa body care experience can be traced back to the gardens, road-sides and ancestral recipes of the Corbières. We do not invent anything. We only place our natural elements at your service, to improve your wellbeing. Breathe in the perfumes of basil, rosemary and mint. Feel the richness of Lucques olive oil on your skin, the smoothness of the grape seed oil … Welcome to our sensory universe.

Discover the benefits of verbena tea, laurel, lavender, thyme, almonds and roses. Essences of fig, jasmine and orange blossom. Or herbal oils derived from Mediterranean seeds, olives, honey and chamomile. Our beauty products are prepared before your eyes. They are coupled with caring hands to offer you a highly personalized beauty treatment.

Our Mediterranean treatments

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Mediterranean Massage (30, 60 or 90 min)
Relaxing massage with essential oils from the guarrigue. Perfected to alleviate tension.

Hot stone massage (60, 90 min)
The heated stones and oils, a deeply relaxing massage that helps detoxification.

Foot reflexology (30 min)
Discover the stimulating and relaxing benefits from the pressure points on the arch of your foot.

Massage for two (150 € for 60 min)
Gentle, wrapping, exploring the world of feelings....Share this moment of authenticity together.

Kansu Bowl  head, arms or face (30 or 60 min)
Performed with a special metallic bowl which has extraordinary properties. Truly amazing results.

Abhyanga (60 min)
A dynamic massage with warm oils which will leave you feeling completely relaxed, harmonised and your vitality strengthened.

Shiatsu (60 min)
"Pressure of the fingers." the shiatsu supports the circulation of energy through the meridian lines of the body. This Japanese massage rebalances the body and mind.

Sport massage (60 min)
This massage offers excellent support before or after sport. Relaxing, rejuvenating and eliminates toxins.

Swedish massage (60 min)
This traditional massage with talcum powder is a great balance between firmness and softness.

The Body

Body-Scrub (30 min)

Aromatic body wrap (30 min)
Purifying essential oils and clay.

Relaxing back, shoulders and head massage (60 min)
Exfoliation of clay mask applied to the back, then a back, shoulders and head massage.

Lighter legs (60 min)
Scrub, envelopment & cold draining treatment.


Natural Beauty (120 min)
Specific natural treatment for the face, followed by a traditional Mediterranean massage.

Brightness under the olive tree (120 min)
Exfoliating body treatment, body envelopment and Mediterranean massage.

Les Jardins (90 min)
Kansu bowl and foot reflexology massages.

Tailor-Made (120 min)
Exfoliating body treatment and a 90 min treatment/massage of your choice.

Detox (120 min)
Exfoliating body treatment, body envelopment and hot stone massage

Sport (90 min)
Tonic scrub, foot reflexology and sporting massage.

All our exfoliating scrubs are home-made. Envelopments are made with clay and natural products depending on the benefits you require.


Exfoliation and nutrition care (30 min)

Specific facial treatments (60 min)

Practical information:

Opening hours : Monday to Friday and Sunday from 10am to 7pm, saturdays from 10am to 8pm.

Massages and treatments by appointment only

Information : Our massages are purely for relaxation and well-being, thy are not medical or therapeutic. The length of each treatment is indicative and includes installing you in the massage room and any prospective delays.

Spa access is reserved for adults only. It is open to both hotel and non-hotel guests.

Appointments : we recommend that you arrive 15 minutes before your appointment in order to have a shower and enjoy our facilities. Please remove your jewellery and personal belongings before your treatment.

24 hour notice must be given to cancel your treatments or change the time, at the Spa reception.

Price list:
30 min : 40 € - 60 min : 75 € - 90 min : 105 € - 120 min : 135 €  - Spa access: 20 €/day or a Card for 10 visits for: 100 €.

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