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A “terroir" rich of a gastronomic delights

The cuisine from the Languedoc region has the flavours and scents of its landscapes. It is a cuisine based on olive oil and “scrubland herbs” such as thyme rosemary, sage, juniper, fennel etc. You can find these scents in the majority of the numerous regional specialties: the sweet and savoury petit pâté (mutton) from Pézenas, game terrine from inland in Hérault, stuffed mussels with cuttle fish, squid, brasucades (type of barbecue typically with mussels) and various types of typical grilled Mediterranean fish.

If not from the sea, these natural riches are sourced from the lakes which run along the coast one after the other - sea bass, baby sole, mullet, saucanelle (small bream), cranquette (small female crab from the lakes and canals), types of eels (notably from the Lake of Bages) - and are the classics of the local cuisine. Let us not forget the profusion of shellfish and seafood notably from the Thau Lake where the horizon is largely filled with such farms.
And to accompany the main courses, the gastronomy of Languedoc can draw from its particular vegetable patch which has been on the list of many great chefs and includes the sweet onion of Lézignan-la-Cèbe, the chickpeas of Carlencas or the famous black turnip from Pardailhan.

For wine lovers, discover the land of Listel, the famous Picpoul de Pinet, the Noilly Prat, the fortified wines such as Muscat de Mireval or Muscat de Frontignan and much more…

Petits pâtés from Pézenas, Seafood pie from Sète, Zézette from Sète, Bourride (type of fish soup) from Sète, Bouillabaisse Languedocienne, Snails à la Languedocienne, Stuffed squids, Macaronade à la Sétoise, Cuttlefish Rouille à la Sétoise, Grilled cuttlefish, Stuffed mussels, Brasucade…

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