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Canal du Midi

It is exactly at Marseillan that Canal du Midi terminates in the Mediterranean Sea in front of the remarkable Pointe des Onglous.

Where two seas meet...

Curving through the Languedoc countryside is Canal du Midi. Dug by man under the reign of Louis XIV, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this superb canal connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Garonne and the Atlantic Ocean.

A world heritage site since 1996

Initially named Royal Canal, French revolutionists renamed it Canal du Midi in 1789. The wheat trade justifying its construction, the canal is regarded as the largest construction project of the 17th century: 14 years of work along 240 kilometers, 15,000 workmen and all the audacity and personal fortune of the ingenious civil engineer Pierre-Paul Riquet, a Bitterois native.

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