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The Bassin de Thau

A wonderful inland sea of 7500 hectares, separated from the Mediterranean by a vast sand barrier, the Lido, which goes from Cap d’Agde to Sète.

Surprising bassin de thau

Facing Port Rive Gauche, the most spectacular basin of Languedoc. Opening out into the sea, the “Bassin de Thau” is like another world. Its eastern shore forms an 11km-long beach, with the Mediterranean on one side and the tranquil waters of the basin on the other side. On the western shore is a hive of traditional activities such as fishing, shellfish farming and wine-growing.

The basin communicates with the open sea by two channels: the Pisses-Saumes channel and the Quilles canal west of Sète. It also marks the official end of the Canal du Midi at Les Onglous.

Preserved fauna

The “Bassin de Thau” and its surroundings’ ecosystems are bathed in the sea air and decorated by vineyards and delightful small ports like Mèze, Bouzigues or Marseillan.

The “gourgs”, as they are locally known, are protected wild and marshy wetlands. They are very numerous around “Bassin de Thau” and provide a habitat for a variety of wild animals, notably pink flamingos that can be observed throughout the year. On the side towards the sea, you may see flamingos, herring gulls and cormorants while on the other side you may spot egrets, warblers and much more.

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