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Since Roman times, the village of Plombières les Bains in the Vosges welcomes visitors from France and North of Europe comming to enjoy the benefits of the warm thermal spring of the resort.

During the Middle Ages (1580), writtings prove the visit of the illustrious Montaigne in Plombière. In the eighteenth, the king of Poland Stanislas Leckzinski, the last of the Dukes of Lorraine, works for the city and restore le Grand Bain (now closed to the public) located on the central square of the village. After the revolution, an other important remodeling restores again le Grand Bain and other facilities of the city, le Bain National, le Bain Tempéré, le Bain Stanislas and le Bain de la Reine (now Bain Montaigne). But it's at the end of nineteenth century, at the instigation and wish of Napoléon III that the city went through his best years of activity and balneology.

In 1857, Napoleon III who used to come since his childhood to the resort with his aunt Joséphine (wife of Napoléon 1er) and who was aware of the soothing power of the warm waters of the resort, orders the construction of "new" thermal bath flanked with two large hotels at each end, over a wide greenery, not far away from the center of Plombières.

More than 100 years later, le Grand Hotel still retains the majestic character of the original establishment: its beautiful and large fireplaces, its mouldings, its huge vaults and its winter garden arrange in restaurant-tearoom, all of it contributes to create a warm and heartwarming atmosphere.

Recommended by doctors for stressed people and well-liked by athletes for its warm baths and its tonic air, Plombières les Bains, small charming city where everything is reachable by foot, attracts family customers and people of all ages.

Did you know?

It's only at the end of the nineteenth century that the engineer of Napoléon III, Jutier, which, before carry the hot waters to the baths in-construction, discovers a large wall of 600 meters long built by the Roman 2000 years ago!

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