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The History of Belleme

The story of belleme beigs in the mid Tenth Century when Yves de Creil receives sovereign Carolingian of Louis IV d'Outremer, created two roads, one from Chartres, the other from Evreux and both going to Le Mans.

Some remains of two medieval castles then erected in the city are still visible, as are some of the  dungeon of the castle of William of Talvas (1010 ) behind the event hall.

The city finally fell to the English helped by the Norman and finally taken over by the Kingdom of France whose administration moved to Le Perche Mortagne . Over the following centuries, the forest of Belleme enters the Royal Domain of France ( 1226 ), the oak is mainly used for the construction of royal ships.

Until 1784 , Belleme is crossed by the royal road to Paris in Britain, leading to Nantes. This route very popular with travelers in the eighteenth passes through priory building now houses the gourmet restaurant of the area. On one of the walls, you can still see the drawing of a vintage ship probably drawn by workers who lived in the priory .

The name and logo of the area pay tribute to the former strength of Belleme ,it’s dual allegiance and its attachment to Normandy today. The symbols of the lion of England and lily flower allude to the border position of Belleme and green color framework that includes golf and forest of the city.

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