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Built in the late nineteenth century, the grand hotel is filled with charm, the joy of life and the spirit of careflessness that prevailed in the area at the time which attracted the high-society of europe.

On the occasion of the recovery of this property, we redesigned the logo with light and open letters embodying the spirit of Châtelguyon, the city where, according to the confession of a curist met during my travels, " the women meet new men and new women men ! ".

The, Splendid is characterized by its exceptional location in the spa park of the thermal city, with its asymmetrical composition, roofs wooden sub- sections as well as numerous decorative tiles on the walls. Large an institution more formal villa Splendid recalls the charm and comfort of bathing establishments of Calvados. A hot spring is located within the same institution. The room that accommodates thermal basins where water flows was kept in the old style.

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